National Park Information

Ranger stations and exhibitions

All around the national park, extensive visitor management ensures you can experience nature to the full and provides important information along the way. Our rangers are also available to answer any visitors' questions. You can meet them on guided tours, on patrol or at one of our exhibitions, which are also ranger stations. These include the national park building on Hiddensee island, the Sundische Wiese information centre on the Zingst peninsular and the building on the cliff in Barhöft. Other exhibitions covering the national park are run in cooperation with partners (Waase) or by other organisations (Darsser Arche, NATUREUM).

The national park exhibitions

Vitte / Hiddensee

Das windschiefe Nationalparkhaus auf Hiddensee © S. Colmsee

sorry, the exhibition is closed

Sundische Wiese

Ausstellung und Rangerstation Sundische Wiese im Nationalpark Boddenlandschaft © K. Bärwald


Haus am Kliff Barhöft, Nationalpark-Ausstellung © K. Bärwald

Waase / Ummanz

Alte Küsterei Waase, Nationalparkausstellung und Info © K. Bärwald

Darßer Arche

Luftbild der Darßer Arche © Kur- und Tourist GmbH Darß

Natureum Darßer Ort

NATUREUM Darßer Ort, altes Leuchtturmgehöft vom Innenhof © K. Bärwald

Further information centres 

The Ozeaneum and the German Maritine Museum in the Hanseatic city of Stralsund are very close to the national park and provide information about the seas in the North.

The NABU Crane Information Centre provides all kind of information on cranes. As a national park partner, it is linked to the protected area in many ways.

In the national park, observing the wildlife is usually a surprise. If you want to experience the world of birds up close, then take the time to visit the Bird Park Marlow.