Accessibility in the national park

Nature observation for everyone

Everyone should be able to experience unforgettable moments in the impressive West Pomeranian lagoon landscape. Therefore, together with our regional partners, we want to continuously improve environmental education and opportunities to experience nature for young and old, for serious and leisure hikers, for people with and without disabilities. We are aware that only accessible opportunities are open to everyone. The unspoiled and idiosyncratic attributes of nature put many hurdles in our way to implementing the UN Disability Rights Convention in the protected area. We are therefore grateful for your help and suggestions to find ways and means that enable "nature observation for everyone".

Some viewing platforms are suitable for wheelchair users.
Some viewing platforms are suitable for wheelchair users.
Rollstuhlfahrer auf Beobachtungsplattform © K. Bärwald
From the platform at Ottosee / Nothafen you can see the Core Zone at Darsser Ort.
From the platform at Ottosee / Nothafen you can see the Core Zone at Darsser Ort.
Ausstellung Hiddensee innen © K. Bärwald
Most national park exhibitions are wheelchair accessible and offer something for different senses.
Most national park exhibitions are wheelchair accessible and offer something for different senses.

Out and about with rangers

When hiking with the national park rangers, the focus is on experiencing nature and enjoying nature with all your senses. That is why our rangers use different senses to bring the wilderness of the national park to life via touch, sound and smell. So our activities are also ideal for blind and visually impaired guests. Our rangers receive further training for particular target groups. Special group tours can be designed on an individual basis. Make an enquiry in good time, preferably for a period outside the high season.

Wheelchair-accessible viewing platforms

Viewing platform at Darsser Ort, can be reached via a barrier-free access path from the Darssbahn terminus station

Zarrenzin reached via an approx. 100 m long access path from the parking area

Observation hut west of Zingst and "Kirrblick" on the dike, reached from the shopping centre parking area

Viewing platform at Pramort, east of Zingst, only accessible via the approx. 8 km long dike cycle path through the Sundische Wiese, nearest parking at the Schlösschen Sundische Wiese hotel.

Wheelchair-accessible exhibitions

Hiddensee National Park House

Sundische Wiese National Park Information

House on the cliff  in Barhöft

Inselschatz Ummanz Exhibition in Waase

Darsser Arche

Insider Tip: accessible adventure tours

Prerow Nothafen

The observation post at Nothafen can be reached by carriage. From there you have a breath-taking view of the Baltic Sea and the ever-growing land at Darsser Ort. The carriage companies can provide information about the trip. Alternatively, take the Darssbahn railway to the end of the line and from there reach the observation point via a barrier-free access route.

Zingst „Kirrblick“

From the accessible "Kirrblick" observation point, resting cranes can be observed particularly well, especially in autumn. This is a particularly good spot to see the approach to their night quarters – the island of Kirr. In general, you have a good view of the Bodden from the observation point at any time of the year and you can spot a variety of water birds. The car can be parked in the parking area opposite, by the shopping centre.

Zingst „Pramort“

Reed islands in which red deer and wild boar hide or Hiddensee island as a distant silhouette, from Pramort you can discover all this and much more. The observation post cannot be reached by car, but only on foot or by bike along the 8 km long dike path. The nearest parking area is located at the Schlösschen Sundische Wiese hotel.


From the Zarrenzin parking area, it is just a short distance (approx. 100 m) to the accessible observation stand. Here you have the best view of the islands of Bock and Werder.

Easy language

There is also a brochure in easy language about the national park. It is available on request free of charge from the National Park Authority.


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