Cycling in the Western Pomerania Lagoon Area National Park

Respect for nature and people

The bike is the undisputed means of transport through this flat coastal area's natural world. Cycling may be tiring when its windy or when negotiating a section of path that has roots or is wet with rain. Be aware, a bit of physical fitness and the right bike will help you greatly. Since most national park visitors cycle, the cycle paths can get rather busy in summer or autumn.

Gruooe RAdler aud Waldweg im Osterwald, Nationalpark Boddenlandschaft , Frühling © J. Gehrt
Cycling tour through the Osterwald forest

Cyclists are not alone

Cyclists make up the vast majority of visitors in the protected area but do not have automatic right of way, even if the bike is going particularly fast. They have to share some sections of the path with hikers, horse riders or carriages - paying due care and consideration. If in doubt, just shift down a gear. Cross-country riding and marked hiking trails are absolutely forbidden for cyclists. Riding and horse-drawn carriage paths are not cut out for cycling anyway and their "use by others" is also a danger for both horse lovers and cyclists.

E-Bike, e-Scooters, Segways, s-pedelecs

E-bikes (s-pedelecs), Segways, e-scooters and other machine-powered vehicles are only allowed on public roads, i.e. not on field or forest paths.