Hiking in the Western Pomerania Lagoon Area National Park

The national park can be explored very easily on foot via many hiking trails and extensive beach paths. Open-air sports activities, such as running, jogging or Nordic walking, are also very popular here. So that hikers, runners and nature alike get their money's worth, there is a signposted network of trails and a few instructions.

Wegweiser aus Holz im Darßwald, Peterskreuz, im Nationalpark Boddenlandschaft © L. Zust
Signpost in the Darsswald forest

Small misstep, huge repercussions

Beach, forest, heather, meadow and pasture – the Western Pomerania lagoon area is home to a diverse mosaic of habitats. This is home to plants and animals that are very sensitive to disturbances or damage caused by being stepped on by people, such as lichens and mosses, especially if they are in the dunes. A single small step causes a lot of damage here. In the Core Zones, paths must be strictly adhered to. It goes without saying that noise and rubbish have no place in protected natural areas. Those who follow the principle of „don't bring in anything, don't take anything out“ and stay on the signposted paths will always reach their goal and are very welcome in the national park.

Don't forget proper shoes and binoculars

Naturally, the paths in the national park are of very different quality. Roots and deep loose sand or even puddles are part of a wilderness area. But this is not the only reason why it is worth keeping your eyes open. You could unexpectedly spot an animal at any time. Be prepared and have your binoculars at the ready while, of course, keeping an appropriate distance away from the animal.

Recommended hikes in the national park

Guided hike Hiddensee/Bessin: 3 km, Start: 3 km, Start: Bessin entrance, Finish: Observation deck. The hike on the Alter Bessin peninsular is worthwhile for all bird lovers and those interested in plants.

Zingst/SundischeWiese: 4 km, Start/Destination: Ellerhof. The circular hiking trail starts at the former Ellerhof. On the way, it is worth making a detour to Hohe Düne or Pramort. Both points offer a breath-taking views of the vast countryside. The best way to get to the starting point is by cycling from Schlösschen Sundische Wiese.

Darsser Ort: Start/Finish: Bernsteinweg car park. Along the north beach you come to the Darsser Ort circular hiking trail. There are great views of the countryside from the observation decks along the way. With a little luck, you might see red deer or sea eagles. After a visit to the NATUREUM at the lighthouse, return to the start via the lighthouse path.