Surfing and kitesurfing in the national park

The faster, the more annoying for waterfowl

The Western Pomerania lagoon landscape is famous for its abundance of sea and the diversity of its water and coastal habitats. The attractive surf and kitesurfing areas are also home to thousands of animal species. Many of them are threatened and the national park represents the last safe refuge in which to raise the young. Others use the protected area as an important stopover on the way to their winter quarters. The faster and more visible people are on the water, the more the birds are driven away. This is why there are also restrictions in the national park for surfers and kitesurfers.

2 Surfer auf der Ostsee © K. Haase
Surfers are completely forbidden on the water in the Red and Green Zones. You are allowed to head off from designated places in the national park and cross the Green Zone. Kitesurfing is only allowed in the Suhrendorf kitesurfing area (Ummanz island).

Because nature has priority in the national park,

activity on the water is restricted by an ordiance issued by the Federal Ministry of Transport. This shows Red and Green Zones which can only be used partially or not at all.

Windsurfing is not permitted in either the Red or Green Zones. In order to allow windsurfing, surfing spots have been designated in and around the immediate vicinity of the national park. The "Green Zone" can only be crossed when setting off and returning.

Even from a great distance, kites in particular are perceived by water birds as "enemies in the air" and scare them away. That is why kitesurfing is prohibited in the entire national park. The only exception is an approved kitesurfing area in Suhrendorf on the island of Ummanz.